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 Training - $1150 + per month 

At TRH, we pride ourselves in putting our horses' needs above that of our sport. While we set big goals for ourselves, we understand that every horse and owner is an individual with their own timeline and vision.  We tailor a program to fit you and your horse's expectations.  We are here to help you live your dream, and to help maximize your horse's potential.

(see our Training Agreement)

Lessons & Coaching - private $50-$70 per hour

We offer private or group lessons and keep a string of lesson horses to fit most levels of riders, from beginner to advanced. 

•   Private lesson on our horse $70/hr

•   Haul in lesson on your horse $60/hr

•   Training/ Board customer on your horse $50/hr

(New Client Lessons)  (Existing Client Lessons)

Full Care Board - $600+ per month

TRH offers premium full care so riders and owners can rest assured their horses are being cared for as if they were our own.  We feed a high quality Grass/Alfalfa mix hay and Nutrena Safechoice Perform and Diet Balancer, depending on your horses needs!

 Sale Prep & Marketing - $1000 per month 

Sale prep at TRH includes ground work, daily handling and full board.  We prepare your yearling for sale, whether for a consignment sale or private treaty.  Our goal is to make your horse look his best, act his best, and sell his best. 

 Rehab & Layup - contact us

If your horse has sustained an injury and needs stall rest or hand walking, Holly can help.  With years of experience working with the top vets in our industry, rest assured we can take over some of the burden you are under and help get your horse back to his former glory! Contact us and we can discuss a program to fit your needs and budget.

Pulse PEMF machine- $75/session- contact us for appointments 

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Sale Prep
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